Welcome to Riscon Arnhem B.V.


Riscon Arnhem BV is a private investigations agency founded in 1996, approved by the ministry of Justice and Security.


Riscon offers a broad spectrum of services in both investigative work and security advice.  Our services include:  

· Theft and embezzlement investigation, also in the hard to research sectors such as transport, retail and catering

· Investigation of unlawfull absenteeism of employees

· Breaches of sensitive data to your competition by (ex)-employees (Non-competitor disclosure clauses in terminated employee contracts)

· Pre employment screening of new personell or new business partners

· IT investigations (computers, mobile phones etc.), including data recovery, software piracy or other forms of abuse.

· Financial fraud research (inter communal tax fraud, VAT fraud and invoice fraud)

· Person-oriented research (Lost family members, inheritance research)

· (Personal) asset/worth research (Equity research on defaulting franchisees and business partners)  

· Security research including risk assessment, integrity research, digital security and penetration testing.

· Coordination, execution and assistance of confiscating (digital) material evidence in civil cases. 

· Judicial custody of confiscated (digital) material evidence. 


 Our excellent track record is a testimony to the quality of our employees. Integrity and professionalism are important characteristics that belong to our experienced investigators, who have a broad set of specializations. 

Working area

We work throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Our office is located in Ede, in the heart of the Netherlands. Feel free to call our office, the first consult is always free of charge. 

Before we start to work our clients always receive a generic quotation, in the form of hourly rates, and our general terms and conditions. We are transparent in the costs and give regular updates during the investigation about the estimated hours invoiced. 


The ministry of Justice and Security have granted the following licenses to Riscon: 

Private research firm POB 591 

Private security organization ND 1320 

Memberships Association of private industry research (BPOB) www.BPOB.nl 

Within the EU *open market framework these licenses are regarded analogue to other EU memberstate licenses, 
Within the EFTA free trade area our licenses are within the portability requirements laid down by the EFTA convention.
*Regarding UK inquires after UK withdrawal from the EU single market EU on legal services


If you require further information from our office e-mail us at info@risconarnhem.nl, or telephone +31(0)318666644. 




Wij zijn bereikbaar op (0318)666644 (voor dringende zaken zelfs 24/7).
Voor onderzoeksdoeleinden en ook voor de controle van afspraken worden gesprekken opgenomen.
U kunt ook via het formulier hiernaast ons een e-mail bericht sturen. Waarborg van uw privacy en onze discretie zijn gegarandeerd.

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